Cherry tree

We have a cherry tree that is 2 yrs old (to us) We planted it 2 yr. ago.
It has not leafed out yet. Last year it was blooming a few in May. Maybe being to
Nothing this yr.
It had something oozing from the base last yr. but did fine.
It is green when I bend a branch.?? Any ideas??
I think I posted a pic of the oozing last yr. but don’t know how to find the post!!

I’ll leave it to others who know more about cherry tree problems to answer your question, but you didn’t post a pic here last year of the oozing. Your pics were of a leaf curl problem on a peach tree.

It is a bad sign of having something ooz out from the tree.

What Muddy said - only photos I see were of PLC. Oozing from the trunk or branches could mean canker, cherries are more prone to canker than other stone fruits. Or, even a borer or some sort. Do you see any signs of oozing or any injuries to the bark? Why don’t you post up some photos of your tree, so we can have a look and try to help.

I’m out of town but will post pics when I get back. Thanks


is it a sweet cherry tree?
It’s probably bacterial canker but, borers also attack cherries. Pictures would be helpful in recommending a course of action.