Chestnuts, Evergreens


I have 170 acres. Aside from fruit trees I want to populate my land with evergreen and but trees. Frazier fir, white pine, red pine, Norway spruce, hemlock, larch have my interest currently. Hybrid chestnuts are also high on my list. Have air layer beds prepped for seeds. Willing to pay. Let me know thanks


What climate zone are you in?


*nut trees. I’m in zone 4


Aside from people who already grow in zone 4, your best seed sources for cold hardy chestnut trees are going to be:
Badgersett Research Farm - Canton, Minnesota
Empire Chestnut Company - Carrollton, Ohio
Oikos Tree crops - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Red Fern Farm - Wapello, Iowa
Twisted Tree Farm - Spencer, New York