Chickasaw Plum Sourcing

Greetings! I’m just looking for recommendations on the best sources for Chickasaw plum varieties, preferably bare root available in quantity.

I have a variety from Larry Stevenson I got from a friend, but would love to find Guthrie, Mckibben, or other recommended varieties.

Mail Order Natives seems like the best bet so far whenever they have stock in, but I’d sure appreciate any other good leads or redirects to other threads I missed.

A cheaper source of wild types would also be of interest if anyone knows of one - I’m thinking and extension or soil and water department. I think I found one, I think in Maryland, but looks like they are currently out of stock as well.

If anyone has a bunch of named suckers (ie, not from a grafted plant) they would like to mail me, I’d be a sucker for them!



VA Department of Forestry offers bare root Chickasaw seedlings as another option, although they are sold out for the year.

Recently, like many others, have started to dig root suckers from native patches around our farm and plant them near my home as they do great in poor sandy soil, of which we have no shortage.

Good Luck.