Chill hours?

in another post I mentioned how chill hours were not of much use because we couldn’t agree on what chill hour actually is. That in my opinion is like calling a board about 3ft long with out knowing how long a foot actually is. So in you opinion / facts you’ve gathered what is most accurate to way measure chill?

  • Below 45 Method
  • Below 45 and Above 32 Method
  • Below 50 Method
  • Below 50 and Above 32 Method
  • Utah Chill Model
  • Positive Utah Chill Model
  • Dynamic Chill Model
  • Some Other Method Not Listed (Please Explain Below)

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The dynamic chill model is the most sophisticated. Does that make it most accurate, maybe.

It probably depends on the crop and other factors like the climate. Climate/weather comes in an endless mix of patterns.

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I’d like to use the dynamic chill model since it seems to be the most accurate given that it takes other things into consideration besides just total chill…at least in my climate I think it would be better than your standard chill hour #. having said that, the issue is going to be whether retail fruit tree sellers will adopt it as a standard and include that information with their trees.

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