Chilly morning

But at least it’s supposed to be warming from here!


I didn’t realize Montana had any zone 5’s yet alone zone 6. Missoula looks like a beautiful city, Mark. I’d rather live there than here! Same zones but you have the mountains. wow. cool.



Brr…that’s cold. We woke up to 30 degrees and thought that was bad.
It’s supposed to go down to 19 tonight. Not looking forward to paying the energy bill next month.

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Cool rainy morning 40F. Heavy rains expected for the next two days with a slight snow flurry chance on Sunday. Send all your bead and milk to Alabama.


About a foot of snow headed my way and the supermarkets are crammed with people.

Just a little snow here puts folks in a panic and shuts down schools for days.

Hope we just get the snow and not too much ice cause we often loose electricity as trees fall on powerlines when the ice hits…

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It gets like that around here too. Although snow isn’t unusual around here. I think schools worry about bad forecasts and decide to close just in case. Last year they forecasted 3-4 inches of snow in the afternoon and school decided “not too bad, we’ll just do early dismissal at 1”. But the snow started earlier than forecasted and we got 6 inches . busses couldn’t get to the school for hours and then after loading the kids it took them hours to deliver kids where they were supposed to go. My daughter got home at 6pm!! By that time she had been on the bus for hours and first thing she said was she gotta go pee. School sent out “we are sorry but can’t always predict these things” email. After that they closed the school district for the tiniest snow 2017-2018 season. I suspect they’ll do the same this season.

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-5f right now. supposed to get -15f by morning and its not winter yet! nearly 3ft of snow has fallen so far. going to be a very long winter if this pattern holds. skiers and snowmobilers are very happy!