China to accept all US apple varieties in 2016

Interesting read. I was surprised to learn China previously did not have coddling moth. Also interesting was the popularity of Red Delicious in China as an import. Says 70% of Chinese domestic production is Fuji.

Just wait till they get their hands on some Honeycrisp. I can see some Fuji’s getting top worked.

I wonder how they will do going up against all of the cheap apples grown in China? I stopped my kids from drinking any Apple juice years ago when I found out where most of it comes from. Can’t trust Chinese foods.

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Yeah…I hear ya’ on the apple juice. White House brand actually now markets an all American juice. Problem is it costs more than double that of comparable juices. I’m willing to pay more, but not that much more.
I cannot even understand how China can grow, harvest, process and transport concentrate cheaper than can be done here. At the very least you’d think US producers could at least be competitive since they are ahead the long transport costs from the start.

That’s what I would like to think. The market costs seem to say otherwise unless White House is looking to take advantage of the situation and make huge profit margins. Think China will accept this variety?

My kids love Sweet Sixteen and I don’t mine a little lemon juice or browning for that matter.


As I understood the article it seemed to indicate they would accept all varieties. I’m sure those varieties will be limited to those which can sustain the rigors of overseas transport. I have no idea how long it takes a freighter to make the oversea crossing or what type of cold storage facilities, if any, are available onboard.