Chinese apricot - worth growing?

I was going to get my first fruits off my Chinese apricot this spring, but my kids hit it with their sled and broke it at the union. I have heard mixed opinions on whether it is worth growing; I have many good apricots now and am thinking maybe I should not bother with it - ? It has edible seeds but I don’t really care about that, I just want good apricots. Tomcat, Early Blush, Orangered, and some of the new NJ apricots are all excellent and not too hard to grow for me.


Mine was killed in last yrs freeze. I’d strongly suspect it won’t measure up on eating quality. I got it because we have so many freezes. In your situation try something else.

I grew it until the tree died. It gave decent sized fruit that were only fair out of hand but made great preserves. I fought squirrels so hard over that tree …

Thanks guys. I don’t need another tree just for preserves as I’m sure my Tomcot etc would be pretty awesome for that. So it looks like no more Chinese for me.

I’ve been thinking about trying some for cold-hardy edible landscapes. I got the impression that, like Nanking cherry, there are several cultivars out there. Although, it seems like many are sold without any distinction. I have seen Scout variety in a few places. Then there are hybrid options like Sungold, Moongold, Wescot, ect.

Update: I was thinking Chinese apricot as the same thing as Manchurian apricot, but apparently “Chinese” apricot is another hybrid of the Manchurian apricot.

I am growing an apricot, specifically for the edible seeds (not fruiting yet, planted last year).

Trader Joes used to offer alpricots, the seed of such trees. They were wonderful, especially if you cooked with them.

There’s also the whole B-17 thing. Take the whole cancer thing with a grain of salt and consider what sources of this potential vitamin are still consumed by the average person. I love apple seeds when eating an apple, so does my son. My step daughter not as much. Guess who is the first one sick in the family. Anecdotal, absolutely…Food for thought, though.


Caveat: my understanding is that Chinese = Mormon. True?

Thats my understanding as well…

Chinese apricot fruit is smaller, sour, not the large sweet sour fruit we normally buy from stores. Chinese people use the apricot fruits either dried, or syrup preserved. It is still a popular small fruit…

I got about 30 fruitsLast year and they were on a small size but ok sweet but not sour. The tree is loaded this year and so the Sugar Pearls. The OrangeRed and Robada just bark grafted last Spring had some flower buds. I will compare the sizes and taste and update later in the Summer.


IF we don’t freeze again, I’ll be able to compare Chinese with Tilton, Puget Gold, Harcot, Robada, and Canadian White Blenheim.
We also have a large unknown variety, and a seedling from that tree that is huge and later blooming then the parent tree.

We also have until at least mid May before freezes are not a concern.

One can always be hopeful though.

I’m talking about the apricot fruits I tasted in China, not sure if they are Chinese apricot or not…

My Hunza died last year…i liked the fruit but the fruit set was horrible.

Looks like my Robada should have fruit this year…