Chinese Cypress Propigated in Potatoes - Ok now what?

I read about dipping a clipping in honey, then powdered cinammon, then inserting it into a freah potato and mounding cinammon and honey around the hole edges, putting in sandy soil indoors with a moisture bag over the top. I obtained Cypress seeds forty years ago when wandering around the back streets of China for six months with my wife. These seeds were falling from 800 year old trees at the Shaolin Monastary. I have only one surviving tree in the front yard, about twenty feet tall. So I took some cuttings and did the potato grow. Here is the results after a month. Should I pot them in soil now? Keep them in the potato in soil? Harden them off outside? What to do?


Bake it in the oven at 350 for 1 hour

Seriously thought, interesting rooting method, I expect that now you just stick it in the ground.

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