Chip budding this summer

I attempted grafting this spring with minimal success compared to last year. My rootstocks are still alive and sprouting. I am considering either chip budding this summer or doing some cleft graft/whip and tongue grafts next spring. Is anyone aware of where I can get some freedom and liberty scion wood this summer? Honeycrisp and Redfree would work also. I have about 40 rootstocks that need to be grafted. Thanks!

@lordkiwi showed photos somewhere on the forum of USDA Budwood and man were they nice. Maybe Carroll could show us where those photos are located on the forum. They’re worth seeing.

Looks like you can order Budwood right now:


How do you fin the apple varietal you want on that site?

what’s going on here?

if seen this happen multiple times.

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Editing is supposed to only be allowed for a limited period after posting. I think we loosened that but since it looks like it is being abused we may need to tighten it again. The problem with deleting or editing old posts is the conversation is lost.

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