Chipmunk H_LL Help

For some reason I don’t see too many squirrels around my place. This is good but what I have found is that this year I have a huge infestation of chipmunks.

My Orchard is fenced in but I can’t seem to keep these Chipmunks out. Short of using poison bait traps is there anything that can be done to keep them off.




Same here. At first I was tolerant because they didn’t seem to be doing any damage. Then one those greedy rats started eating the fruit on my potted nectarines. The fruits are only dime to quarter sized. They have at least 6 weeks to go before ripening. :confused: So now it is war. I’m setting up traps and have the pellet gun ready.

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[/quote]Yep. I saw two get hauled off this week by feral cats. It was funny too. Futile as it was, they confronted the cats head-on with a defense posture when they knew they couldn’t get away. That made me happy. I wish I could have got it on video so I could watch it over and over again. :grin:


I kill them with rat traps baited with seeds or nuts or peanut butter. I cover the traps with a tray so I don’t kill birds.


Found one dead in the garage this morning


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Everybody keeps recommending cats, but there are challenges to maintaining cats in an orchard far from home, as I believe Mike’s is.

I have a barn cat but she turns her nose up at chipmunks as long as there are tastier rabbits.

Cats. My cats roam my backyard, I don’t have damage from squirrels and chipmunk at all.


And rat traps, if succefull will greet me with a putrid mess when I come back next week.

A neighbor gave me fox urine to use as a repellent. Man! that stuff will make you forget your name! :slight_smile:

As a back up I put out some small sardine cans [clean] with some lethal treats. If they go for it they will meet their end away from me.


I understand that Michael might not want to have to deal with a week-old dead chipmunk carcass, and I don’t blame him. But for the benefit of others who can check traps more often, I am with Alan. I use rat traps with CRUNCHY peanut butter. I’ve never caught a bird, though with all the cherries they stole and peaches they’ve ruined, I’m not sure I’d feel too bad about that. Especially if it was mocking bird. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Mockingbirds do about 75% of my bird damage. So I’m not a big fan of their copy-cat calling!