Christmas presents for my orchard!

This year, I asked Santa for twenty bags of black mulch, twenty bags of Fafard gardening soil, and twenty bags of top soil. last year I recieved half of that list. Didn’t mean to be greedy Santa, but the orchard needs it! Thanks!

Oh yes, and five new trees, six new berry bushes, and. . .


I’m sure you need some partridges for your pear trees!

You know Mark, I almost put that in, but I shoot partridge! LOL

I need 2 more acres, 10 yards of bark mulch, and a new wheelbarrow (preferably with 2 wheels).

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Mrs G, Santa Claus must have run into to 60 year old fir tree in my yard, knocking it over. Once the tree removal company is done with it, we will have a ton or so of wood chip mulch for the orchard.

I will miss that tree.

Plus, last week I had called our neighborhood arborist, snd he left us a truckload of pine chips for free. That way he doesnt have to pay for disposal and hauling.

You are one lucky guy. Sorry about the tree!

I had to cut down three 50+ feet poplars last year. I thought I had way too much mulch but I’m already looking for more. It was a lot of work hauling the 10+ cu yards of mulch back to the backyard!

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