Cider Maker Wants Black Limbertwig apples in quantity

A commercial cider maker asked me if I knew anyone with Black Limbertwig apples for sale this fall, in quantity (not specified). They want as many BLT’s (as I call them) as possible. Let me know if you have any ideas.

This is just one more recommendation for growing BLT, which I’m finding is pretty easy to grow.

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I put one in this Spring. It came from Hidden Springs Nursery in Tenn. Nice 1st year! I too am looking for some apples with a strong sour punch for cider…I have never tasted one of these “twigs”

I wouldn’t call it a sour apple, it has a tang but is not strongly acidic like e.g. Rubinette. Also as it ages the acidity mellows a lot. And, you want to age it before doing anything with it if you are after flavor.

The only missing piece for me is how the productivity will be. I have gotten very few apples off my 4-year graft, a few last year and none this year.

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I am excited to have a bunch of LT verietys in the nursery. I believe I lost a few Black LT in the nursery due to fireblight as well as Harrisons. I would be hesitant to plant large numbers of those verietys.

As of two weeks ago-- David Vernon of Century Farm Orchards had some left for sale, which is why I bought one for myself.

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I just looked at their inventory again.

As of this morning, they have 50 trees on MM.111 rootstock left for sale; and 8 trees on B.9 rootstock left for sale.