Citation rootstock peach vs genetic dwarf?

I have been doing research on peaches as you can see from my posts here. I saw that citation rootstock only gets trees about 10 feet. Do you think a tree on citation can grow in a 22’’ or 23’’ pot. Willing to do root pruning if I need to. I have until late summer to fall to think about this it seems.

I’ve grown many fruit trees in pots that size and smaller. And you don’t need dwarfing rootstock. The small soil volume dwarfs the tree. They usually need root pruning after 4-5 yrs mainly because they lose vigor. In a fabric pot they might go longer.


I had a Babcock peach on pumiselect rootstook (ultra dwarf) in the ground (clay soil). It never grew over 6 feet after 7 years. It produced maybe one dozen fruits per year, all very small. And it always tasted funny compared to the Babcock I grafted on my other trees (scion sourced directly from the tree with pumiselect). I’d pick citation over pumiselect any and all day.

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