Citrus in 14" pots - when to pick blossoms to increase yields?

I have a Makrut / Persian Lime that is flowering. It spends 7 months of the year indoors. Ignored, it will usually produce some small limes that are really good in Gin and tonics. I am mainly growing it for the leaves, but it would be nice to have more limes that are a little bigger.

I have been fertilizing it. The blossoms have started to open and I am wondering if there is a rule of thumb for when to pick them off and how many to leave for this size tree. The tree is probably 12-15 years old at this point.

I let my potted citrus bloom all they want and hope they get pollinated and some fruit set. I never thin until fruit set.

Now, I do tap the trunk and limbs when I walk by sometimes to knock off the un pollinated/dying blooms.

Out of curiosity, what size is your tree? I can’t imagine one that old being in a pot that small. I’m over here thinking my 10gal pots are undersized for 4-5 year old trees. Sounds like I need some more education.

The tree is about 4’ tall and 3’ wide. I probably underestimated the size of that pot, it’s a 14" terracotta pot so it probably holds closer to 4 gallons.

I know people like to repot and move to bigger pots but I don’t want the tree to get any bigger than it is right now, so every few years I’ve been giving it a root trim and putting it back in the same pot. That’s what the bonsai folks do and this tree doesn’t seem to mind at all.