Citrus in for two weeks

It is always amazing to me that my Key Lime, Meyer Lemon and Blood orange blossom start to form buds indoors after a delightful six months out doors. They must have a clock of their own, but what is always amazing to me is that when you walk into my dining room in January, just at the first of the New Year, all small trees are in full bloom and the fragrance is beautiful to a point of overwhelming. I am not complaining, especially if I get at least 40 Key limes from my one tree. That means two pies! I made sure to spray them before they were brought inside as they are so prone to devasting scale attacks. They smell so good! Right now just the tiny buds of the flowers are forming except for one cluster that is at popcorn. Really nice!


I know its such a beautiful smell isn’t it, i sware my gold nugget tangerines smell like orange soda when they are blooming

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