Citrus rootstock in a zone 6 greenhouse?

Hi I have had several citrus varieties on flying dragon rootstock but they never get very big.

I am in zone 6 but have a small greenhouse and would like a couple trees a bit bigger then I get with FD.

Can anyone recommend a rootstock that would be a bit bigger? I’d like a tree around 6-10’.

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I have Citrus outdoors in the ground on flying dragon that are 8-10’ tall. I think your experiences are due to the growing environment. Perhaps other members here with similar conditions will have some suggestions.


I have a couple of Fukushu kumquats on flying dragon.

33 months old in a 13 gallon pot.

this fukushu on flying dragon was grafted on 6-22-21 and started growing in august is in an 8-9 gallon pot. They need feed and light.


Wow that’s impressive. I have a meyer lemon that I’ve had since 2018 that is in a 10 gal pot and is still only about 2.5’ tall and another ponderosa several years old about the same size. My sister also has a lemon she’s had for many years about the same size.

I have a greenhouse that I just keep above freezing and so I bring the citrus inside for the coldest months of the year. I put them in a grow tent with grow lights for that time.

I guess I just have to up my game with the citrus. Hopefully with more intention and reading and learning here I can get bigger healthier citrus.

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Winter time growing

In ground Meiwa kumquat on flying dragon with a bucket light. Top bucket protects the bucket with the light fixture from rain. Graft took last summer late.


My TDE3 mandarin is on trifoliate seedling rootstock (not FD), and it went from 2’ to 6’ in 2 seasons. I’m thinking I’ll need to prune it to keep it under the 9’ rafters in the next year or two. That is planted in the ground in the greenhouse, not in a container, though. I do think non-FD trifoliate is a lot less dwarfing than FD, so that might be a good option for you.

I also have Pixie on Carrizo seedling rootstock, but that was in a container until this spring, so I’m not sure how it compares in vigor. My understanding is that should have the vigor of a full-sized citrus tree, so it’ll probably be a battle to keep it small enough, but that’s a problem for future-me.


Yeah, watch out for that guy. He’s apt to come prowling around sooner or later