Cleaning apples with baking soda

So this pretty much tells me that I’m ingesting pesticides. The question is how much…My wife buys organic apples when she can, but not always and I don’t come close to washing my apples long enough to get everything off them…Can’t wait until I’m finally growing my own apples…

There is one “but” in this study. These guys did not follow the post treatment interval, which for systemic insecticides could be up to one month. I am sure that after 1 months of hanging on the tree their apple washings will be more effective.

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I agree the study is a bit misleading without a PHI. I looked up phosmet on apples and about 90% is gone after a 30-day PHI:

374. Phosmet (Pesticide residues in food: 1976 evaluations) (its in a table somewhere in the middle)

Maybe after all the rain etc over 30 days there isn’t much more a washing will get off. Or maybe it will still do a lot. In any case yes you are consuming pesticides the only question is if its enough to cause problems.