Cleft Graft Problem

I removed most of a nice but boring Kandil Snap on M26, leaving 1/2" diameter site and a nurse branch below. I cleft grafted late March, two very slender sticks of Kidd’s using treekote and electrical tape. No leaf out on the graft but luckily nurse did fine. Wondering if anyone has idea of failure. All my whip and tongues took fine. Any ideas on what probable reason for failure was or can you point me to a good in depth article on subject?

Quill, if the scion is not shriveled it may still be alive- sometimes they can take quite a while, and I’ve even had some heal -i.e., callous- but not grow for a year. But, it may be that the slender scion -with its very delicate cambium and bark- just didn’t have enough stuff to survive the process. I got a couple of very slender Kidd’s scions this year and while they look healthy enough on the tree they still haven’t popped for me. Larger Kidd’s scions are doing pretty well. I may have mangled the little ones or they may yet come through. I prefer to not have to work with very thin and flexible material but I’ve managed it before and I don’t turn it down!

See if you can get some budwood for the Kidd’s and try again this summer.

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Great advice. Thanks Mark. I will bud it later and take a closer look at its current viability. Have a nice weekend.

I agree- very thin scions are much more likely to fail for me than even medium small sized ones. In fact, at least for apples, thin scions are the main cause of failure, at least when there isn’t user-error (butchered graft, no parafilm, bump into the graft and knock it out of alignment, etc).

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Thanks Bob. I’m happy to report the Madness and Harrow Sweet are off to a good start. Have a nice holiday.