Cleft grafting onto previously pruned branch stubs

I’ve been asked/given permission to graft some “eating” apples onto a neighbor’s crab apple tree.

The owner pruned the tree last week, and left some branch stubs. so the cuts will be a few weeks old by the time I start grafting.
Is it possible to cleft graft onto these stubs if I prune the stubs back a few inches? if so, how much do I need to remove. they weren’t painted or sealed in any way after being pruned, so the cambium near the cuts is probably dried out, right?

Or should I make fresh cuts on unpruned branches?

Absolutely you can. If it’s only been a couple of weeks I’d just cut off another half inch of the branch tip amd you should be fine. You could probably get away with grafting right onto the stub without trimming any additional off too.

You should trim back to live wood and then execute the grafts immediately after. Wrap the grafts tight and seek to prevent drying out of the scion.

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You might get away with not cutting back but I would. The very end will dry out a little if you don’t immediately graft. After you load the scions an easy way to seal the end is with parafilm assuming the limb is not to big. Good Luck, Bill