Cloud Berries, anyone growing them?

Hi all, I was just sent a jar of Cloud Berry Preserves from Sweden for Christmas! I used to be able to buy it at Schaller and Weber a German food store in NYC, when I lived there, but it has been scarce ever since. It looks like an orange shiney raspberry, but tastes more like black raspberries, (meaning hardly any raspberry taste at all). It is sweet and so nice on toast. What about in Minnesota? It’s a
Scandavian favorite. Any info would be great. Thanks.

Since it is so elusive (so they say, it might be interesting to grow)!

IKEA also carries cloudberry preserves. But not as good as the stuff you get in Sweden of course.

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cloudberry is native to maine but I’ve yet to find any around the bogs around here. i tried last spring to germinate some seeds i got from sweden but didn’t have any luck getting them to sprout. id love to find a place that sells the plants. meantime i have several patches I’ve started of arctic raspberries which are a close cousin to cloudberries and grow similarly. should get fruit next year on them.

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