Cobbler's Mulberry and Blueberry Fat man happy

Father’s Day pigout, besides getting my 1st ripe Brebas of 2017 I pretty much ate 2 whole cobblers and a loaf of Zucchini Bread and tons of fresh blueberry and mulberry. Today there is a price to be paid.

Mulberry Cobbler


Living the dream, one bite at a time.


Looks great, what kind of mulberries are those?

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Looks great!
The aftereffects of that many berries can be startling. My sister thought she was dying after eating all the blueberries she could pick!

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The ones in Hand are a tree i picked up at Just fruits and Exotics in their markdown area that had lost it’s label. I think it’s Illinois Everbearing but a person I shared cuttings with thinks not. My larger Illinois Everbearing are at my cabin so I don’t see them side by side, the couple trees I have of this seem to be doing better than my I.E. here but admittedly in a better planting location. I made a note all the cultivars they carried at the time, so I have a list of suspects. They were actually larger a week ago when we were getting regular rain, but last week been dry so smaller, but probably better flavor than the larger ones prior. The bowl is a mix of the lost label and Girardi Dwarf


Yes not going into detail as my wife would say TMI


It’s a beautiful thing Strudeldog…a beautiful thing indeed…:yum: