Cobnut/Hazelnut root suckers

Does anyone know what’s going on here.These are rootsuckers from Red Zeller but but one of the suckers are green and the other suckers are red.


my purple leafed chokecherry puts out both red and green suckers. i wonder if that’s what’s happening with yours? also is there a green hazel nearby?

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From what I have noticed on my wisconsin reds is that the more vigorous and tender suckers will pull more nitrogen resulting in the red -burgundy coloration to the disadvantage of the older growth green. Nitrogen creates that red look,
Even specific to that root lineage.


Their is a green hazel but too far away for this to be from it.Maybe 20 feet away and still young


Very interesting thank you.Ive heard about bud sports and was wondering if this could also happen in roots.

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Bud sports could almost certainly happen in root suckers too. Any mutation that appears in meristematic cells that then go on to divide and form a new part of the plant can become a “sport”.

Though in this case I think the red color is probably temporary and not caused by any underlying genetic change.


Either way, I think they would work well by lawns where they would retain their color as they grow, feedig off excess N. Just cut out the suckers inn the early spring and hit them with some rooting hormone if no roots are present, and bring them indoors under comtrolled environment to establish. On this tee, the reddest color is at the apex, corresponding with new growth Nitrogen. Nice colrs.


Seed… dispersed by a chipmunk?