Cold damage to apples

We experienced a low of about 19F when apples were at silver tip, apricot blossoms were starting to show color and J. plum blossoms were showing green.

Early flowering apples now seem to have suffered serious damage to what was scant flower production to begin with- most are so burned they won’t even open.

This contradicts the literature and baffles me as similar timed, very hard freezes have never affected apples before without also destroying my pear and stone fruit crop. My later flowering varieties like Goldrush and Pink Lady are fine, and they are heavy laden with flowers right now, so at least I still have high hopes of harvesting all the apples I need, but I will miss the range I would get otherwise.

Incidentally, no late storing apple I grow is as determined to fruit every year as Pink Lady. I’ve also had success getting similar results from Goldrush apparently by removing all the flowers from every other spur instead of waiting to remove fruit later. I still remove plenty of fruit, but the spurs without even flowers seem more likely to fruit the following season.

Meanwhile, I have a decent apricot crop developing, although the majority of blossoms were killed. The J. plums seen unaffected. Go figure.