Cold front hitting the Northeast and Midwest

Looks like an early chill is coming. We normally don’t have temps this low so early in the season in Pennsylvania. I think my inground figs and some trees will surely sustain damage from this. We’ve had one hard frost so far but most trees still have green leaves. Only my pawpaws and an American persimmon look dormant.


Winter is coming early in Missouri also.

Tuesday night were expecting a low of 21F. I’m actually looking forward to a short term drop. Hoping it will initiate a more rapid leaf drop.


20 here today with a 15-20 mph wind, made it feel like it was in the single digits. Tough afternoon/evening in the bow stand. Gets colder next week. Lows in the single digits. They’ll be ice fishing around here before Thanksgiving at this rate.


I’m further south down near DC, but will be around 27 Friday night and down to around 25 or so a few nights next week. I’m in the same boat with my trees and am particularly worried about all my potted figs that mostly still have leaves and are probably more susceptible to damage from the cold in their current state. I guess I’ll try to get at least all my young figs into the garage by Friday night, since they are mostly tender growth with not a lot that has hardened up. But since they still have leaves on they, I guess I need to still bring them out when I can to get them fully dormant. Two years ago I left some first year figs out too long and they died back pretty badly.

Same thing happened last year, putting an end to the ripening of Goldrush, Braebern, Pink Lady and other November ripening varieties. Last year spring also came late so it hurt, this year most Goldrush are about ready to harvest. Granny Smith and Pink Lady are generally going to be better if you don’t have to harvest for about another 10 days, but global warming doesn’t mean consistent warming everywhere every season. It can also lead to just plain more erratic weather.

However, it seems even at the local level that growing seasons are tending to be longer.

Of course, seasons have always been unpredictable and variable, so those of you with another opinion on causes can make your case. I’m not trying to start that discussion here beyond what is directly relevant to growing fruit.

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25F is forecast here Friday night… I will need to watch it to decide whether to harvest the fuzzy kiwis and Yates apples. 25F should be OK for them, but one year the kiwis got a bit too cold and the tops were mushy.

Some of my trees still have green leaves, but they’re dead-green. You can strip them off the branch

things have certainly been trending warmer over the last couple decades…this is the first time in I have no idea how long that we’ve had a good hit of snow before Thanksgiving, and it is well before thanksgiving at that. Low of 7 degrees in a few days, some years we haven’t had more than a few light frosts by the first of Dec.

this is garbage.

19 F (-7 C) here this morning, but warming nicely now.

This is the second time in 10 years that I had to pick red delicious and Northern Spy when not fully ripe. Picked them in late October as we were supposed to have snow and get to 22 degrees (we did). They will finish off in cold storage. Made 20 gallons of cider. The new press works great!

Early next week looks even colder in the midwest.

In MD we could see snowflakes next Tuesday with possible upper teens for lows.

2in. of snow this morning and 21f. next week day temps won’t hit freezing.