Cold hardy figs


Thanks!! Missed it first time through the posts.


I grew White Triana from Joe Morle. It is a big white fig with a lot of flavor. The only reason why I finally gave it up was because it would sour in our climate. It has an open eye and it allowed too many insects inside. I focus on varieties with a thick pulp (no cavity) and small eye because of this.


I don’t know what eyes are unfortunately, Leon. Figs are not something I’ve studied all that much. I bought cuttings from a lady on eBay so I will be asking for a correct identification at some point in time. Hopefully this year if they ripen & I assume they will because they are container grown at the moment. However, a gentleman in Poland said it’s a long season fig that likely won’t ripen in my zone 5b climate if I plant it and grow it in-ground. I should probably take him at his word but I plan to plant it.

Thank you for your experience.



Eye is the opening at the bottom of the fig. In some varieties the fig wasp enter the eye for cross pollination.


Where does the fig wasp come from, Tony? I can’t imagine it being in IL.



I think they are only hang out in California and not in our cold Midwest. Someone mentioned it one time that you could buy them online and they will ship to you.


What part of Illinois are you in? Chicago?


I’m 15-20 miles from the Mississippi River across the state from Chicago (50-60~ miles south of Chicago) in rural Aledo.



Fig wasps are not a benefit to a lot of fig varieties and in your climate you would need to get new ones every year unless you have a greenhouse to keep them alive.


Thank Dax. I originate from Chicago. Now live in New Mexico. My grandfather used to bury his fig tree in the winter in Chicago.


Awesome Leon. There are gems to be found in big cities.

I’ve been told of a Greek lady in my hometown (30 north) of Rock Island that she has a very large fig. I’m going to go see if I can see it one of these days and if not I just may knock on her door. Her front yard sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s got a huge purple smoketree with a black iron fence. The rest of the houses on that busy street are unkept, but not hers.

She’s fenced in the rest of the yard and you can’t see the back yard so I may need to see if there’s an alley behind her or put my nose over her fence.

Have a great day, Leon.



I saw several figs at Plitvice, and pictures of Plitvice covered in snow so it gets some cold there…none of the figs were decent that i tried during that trip thiugh (did find a few excellent ones in istra and dubrovnik)


Good luck Dax. Leon


Wanted to show off this leaf, it is on Barnisotte growing in a 10" compost sock.


Hopefully there will be some big figs with it. Good luck!


They do get really big sometimes, sore subject though as all of my older trees had winter damage so I will only get a few chances… The big ones have trouble ripening because the neck cracks from the weight and they can tear or ants and yellowjackets attack there.


My Barnisotte just started ripening figs. Will post photos soon.


I found some delicious little figs growing on some trees in my neighborhood community area.


you guys should be aware that pinching is a controversial subject.
it works for some people, not for others.
when someone sees figs after pinching, they credit pinching.
but, it’s a fig tree n may have sprouted figs reguardless.
i do pinch, but only in mid august, when i start removing new figs that don;t have time to ripen,

burner of trees.


I have eaten a fig everyday and more on the way