Cold hardy outdoor citrus for next year?

I am looking for ideas for next years fruit tree expansion, I am on the border of zone 8b and 9a in Louisiana, and curently have 3 mature Owari Satsuma trees, along with 3 younger early season Satsumas (Armstrong Early, St Ann’s and LA Early), a Cara Cara orange and a Myers lemon. Idealy I would like to expand my citrus season into the first part of the year as I now should have Sept - Dec in typical years covered (this year with the warm winter we had I was picking Owari Satsumas until just a few days ago at the end of March).

So here is what I am looking for, a Spring crop citrus with fruit quality on par or better than Owari that is at least as cold hardy as Owari and with fruit that can survive being exposed to frost.

I know there are number of new mostly patented citrus out there that claim to meet at least some of these characteristics, I am just havin trouble finding much good infromation on them, which is where I hope you can help. Cold hardiness is important as I am running out of sheltered locaitons with easy access to electricity for heat lamps to plant more citrus (the temperature here drops into the mid to upper teens about once every 10 years, with typical winter lows around 23-25 degrees.

thanks for your thoughts

Hmm, that’s a difficult bill to fill, Isaac. I am not that familiar with what would be considered very late citrus that would also be cold-tolerant. You might want to contact Stan Mckenzie, who really is the expert in cold-tolerant citrus cultivars. Here is a link to his web site:

Patty S.