Cold Tolerance of Flowers, Buds and New Growth

It has been crazy this winter and spring. The winter was mild and we had late freezes. The temperature over the weekend is below freeze again.

I know the flowers are the most tender, then the tender new growth. Un-opened buds are somehow more hardy.

What are the generally accepted temperature levels that would cause general damages to the fruit trees? Just like to get some ideas. I do not have a lot of hope for this year. Only sweet cherry and Asian pears look ok. My apple trees are still young, not bearing age yet.

Tree damage is highly dependent on the status of growth. A rapidly growing tree can be damaged or even killed at mid 20s. But usually this time of yr freezes that destroy the open flowers and small fruits don’t damage the new growth.

Pears and apples with new growth are hardier than most stone fruits.

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I planted two Asian pear trees that have several inches of new growth. Our Saturday night low temperature is forecasted to be 26F. Maybe I should stake them and put on some protections.