Cold weather and kiwi grafts

Will kiwi (Fuzzy) grafts survive 28 degrees F as a low? Hoping it does not get that low but want to be prepared. Will frost cloth help? I used the electrical tape mentioned in several discussions on this site.

Grafts will survive any temperatures the underlying tree/vine would have. But they are not going to callous at such a low temperature. You may have grafted too early in the season? You need some 60’s-80s for kiwis to callous.


It will likely get back to the 60s and 70s this Sunday. Just bad timing, trying to get the grafts done before the vines stop growing.

i remember reading somewhere that the callus from grafting is more frost sensitive than the dorman wood of the grafts. Sounds plausible. But can’t find the source. Do rember it was more a “hobbyist source”. and not scientificaly proven.

you have harder frosts/more years experiance than me.

What do you think?

Scott, Have you grafted on first year vines?

I assume you mean 2nd year, first year they are tiny. I have only grafted to my older kiwi vines, top working varieties I am not interested in.

My guess is they are starting their second year. Around a foot tall.
They are about the same size diameter as the scions.