Coldest temp Figwood survived unprotected inground?

What is the coldest temps yall have seen inground fig wood not die back completely to ground and what diameter branches survived at that low temp unprotected aboveground? And variety?
It looks like some of my young 2.5’ tall hardy chicago the bottom half survived -12F, 1/2" to 5/8" thick limb a foot above ground looks alive unprotected(some trees for windbreak may have helped since the area does have some treebreak protection…).
I did not expect that thin of wood to survive that low of temps aboveground unprotected on this young plant? I was thinking more like -2F on 1"+ thick stuff?

Snow cover helps, my in ground plants have had portions above the soil line survive -16F but they were snow covered and in a protected position


Jesse - Which varieties survived that?

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Florea, Niagara Black, Stella, Hardy Chicago, Marsailles Black VS, Danny’s Delight


My Smith seems to have survived with a greenhouse material ‘winter coat’ and a necklace of vintage Halloween and Christmas lights that throw off a small amount of heat. The thing that did happen is that despite the fact that she was ‘collared’ the voles climbed above the collar and completely girdled 2 of her 3 trunks. I tried some bridge grafts but the cambium was rubbery. Killer!

we got down to -5F this winter and all my figs seemed to survive with minimal top death. canes less than 1/2" thick on my Olympian and Ischia figs have started leafing out already. Unfortunately I lost the names of the others that i have growing in the ground, but they all managed to survive. When ordering I chose varieties that were rated for hardiness zone 7 (I am in 8a, about an hour from the border of 8a and 7b).

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