Collect scions for grafting now?

If I take some scions now from a peach tree, remove any leaves that have not yet fallen, will these keep correctly in the fridge until March? I ask you this question because I would like to reproduce a very old peach tree belonging to a neighbor which unfortunately broke completely with the wind the other night… So last chance…
Thank you.


If anything is still green or growing outside, might as well try grafting now and storing some. or shipping a scion to Australia… :slight_smile:


cut a bunch of scions and store upside down in moist dirt to hold them over in your refrigerator. They will callous over and some my root next spring and other should provide buds for grafting.

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Peach scions don’t age as well as others, so I usually harvest mine right before bud swell. But if the scions are healthy and they are stored well they may graft fine in the spring. It sounds like it’s worth trying. Make sure they don’t dry out in the fridge.


(or hold too much moisture and develop mold)… That’s more what I have run into with longer term scion storage.


I have found using paper towels (as many recommend) leads to mold forming many times. This year I packed my seeds for cold stratification and my scion wood in a 50/50 mix of damp wood shavings and coco coir. This resulted in excellent germination rates and my scion wood kept until Sept in the fridge without mold issues. YMMV.


You can try soaking half of your peach scions in Luke warm water with baking soda to kill the mold that may be on them before storage, then dry them with a clean paper towel and dip the cut ends in candle wax before storing in your fridge. When you remove them for grafting, soak them again overnight in cold water to help regain moisture lost in storage. Dry them before sealing with parafilm when you graft.
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