Collecting/Growing Rootstock

I have a dwarf apricot tree that I love. I think it’s on pumiselect, but I’m not sure; as far as I can tell nobody is selling pumiselect right now. I want to grow out some of the rootstock. It’s never suckered. Can I just dig some roots, bury them and leave the cut end just above ground?

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Perhaps. Use some rooting hormone powder to help the odds.

I’m digging roots already, I think I want… leafing compound :thinking:… if anything?

To clarify, it’s the [probably] pumiselect I’m after here, not the scion.

Maybe I should just gently dig up some roots and leave them exposed and hope they turn into suckers?

Yah .I would try cutting a root in the spring , pot it up.
No need to leave anything above ground , ether it will send up a shoot , or not.
Good luck

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