Colorado Palisade peaches for sale

Have anyone from GF here order the large Colorado Palisade peaches :peach:. I got a real bad late frost this Spring and fried all my peaches so I ordered $40 per lug approximately 18# for around 32 large peaches to be pick up when they deliver in the Omaha area this coming August. I guess today is the last day to order them. I have heard they are super good.

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They are real popular with some people around here. My grandma got them for years.

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Let us know how they taste. We grow our own fruit so our standard is higher than general population.

What they say “super good” could just be only “good” or “not bad” for us. Or maybe, they could be actually super good.


We have ordered them in the past. That being said the end of ordering seems super early. It is June 6th now and they don’t ship them out until September or August. I also have found our local stores like King Soopers sell them as well.

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