Coming out of another Artic cold front…

Hopefully this is the last one. March is usely my big start for the season. May15 is my last frost date, but I am going to jump the gun, March ONE is the start.
All my fertilizers are in, this year more than last year, have some in my shop and most in the garage.
Today is my last watering of my couped up figs, would you believe ice cubes.


Is April 1st your last frost date or the USDA’s suggested last frost date. Your plants look nice. I have my citrus trees outside today.


(@Steve, my frost date is May15. Can’t wait that long. Looks like you have a lot of room at your place.

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My last frost date is May 15Th This probably means your first frost date is in November 1 to 15th

My last frost date is May15 in zone5. I read that the fertilizer has to be applied couple weeks before the fruit trees bloom. So if my trees bloomed around mid of April, I should have my 10-10-10 applied first of April. Is it right? I have both organic none organic fertilizer ready. But for fruit trees I use none organic fertilizer.

Don’t matter, fertilizers they are pretty much the same, just some take a bit longer to take effect.
Persimmon, you have to be more careful, no high nitro, citrus need high nitro, FoxFarm citrus/avocado, 4lb bag,just work in a small cup works wonders.
It got some crazy stuff in it. I use a full bag on all my citrus trees, close to 30 container tree’s, they all perk up quickly.

Do you persimmon trees grow in pot or in ground. I ordered persimmon rootstock this year and I can’t decide how to plant them

Chicago? You have no choice, containers is a must, unless you grow them in a heated greenhouse, where temps can be controlled in the winter. My winter temps dips to 5* but mostly around 8* to 12*. The big problem is, when sap floss too early than get hit with a Artic Front, it’s sayonara.


Cincinnati, Ohio has no choice either.

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Steve, a member here has some questions about winter Hardy rootstock, Ruben, can you help? Ruben is the name.

I am not familiar with Ruben. I have M111, M7, and Bud9

Steve, sorry, Ruben is a member here that wants to grow citrus but like to know more about citrus rootstock. Maybe you could help him/ her.

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Poncirus Trifoliata, Flying dragon, US852 These are the coldest resistant with the first 2 going to -22F and fully dormant.

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I’m not fertilizing as soon as I see growth this year. The last few years I’ve done this just to watch all that growth get frozen when the next freeze hits it just seems like a waste to me. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

What are you fertilizing with? High nitrogen? Osmocote plus is a better choice.