Commercial operation needing a bunch of rootstock? 20% off

Copenhaven is emptying their cooler if you need rootstock it will be inexpensive and in bulk

They carry dwarfing types etc. If your looking for seedlings copenhaven is not the place check out FRUIT TREE SEEDLINGS | Willamette Nurseries rootstock clonal seedling fruit tree ornamental seedlings

It may also have Ambrosia beetle.
I found three of my B-10 rootstocks from them infected…
I cut off at top of root mass and
washed and kept the root itself to let it
grow back for next year.
Sent the disposed wood to the landfill…in the dumpster.

AND I’m keeping a close eye on the other things I got from them.
I suspected the packing sawdust might have been the source…

I’d never seen this insect before in my area.