Compost pile treasure quiz

What are they? :grin: (I know the answer)
Hint: zone 5, found when turned last year compost pile

Look like almonds to me…

Almond is closely related to peach.

And the winner is… Fruitnut! It is my last year peach stones I tossed to compost pile germinated in numbers. What will grow from it? I have no space to test :grinning:

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Could you please set them aside for me?

Mine that I buried in my yard do not come up at all.

Beautiful photographs

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I am afraid I didn’t took good care of these two, they dried out. I will put them in pot now, but I am afraid it is too late. I may try to find more tomorrow.

Don’t worry. If they are gone, that’s OK.

@mamuang, do you still want the peach seedling? I think I can declare a new weed in my garden - peach tree :grinning:. I pulled something 2 days ago from onion bed, and it ended up to be a peach - pit still attached to the nice thick root. I potted it into a small pot so if you still want it - feel free to pick it up any time. Otherwise it will go back to compost :grinning:.

Sure. Thanks. My PF 24 C does look beaten up. I could have a seedling in waiting :slight_smile: