Compost purchase


I picked up a load of compost from our local village a while back. It was nice compost and had a good amount of grit. It also had the occasional spoon, G.I. Joe, and other random junk. I went back and asked where it came from. A big portion of it was from street sweeper contents. Not sure I would want to grow veggies in that. A larger city near us does a great job with their compost. Their system is run like a research experiment.


I’m not comfortable with city compost or “free wood chips” in my area anymore. There is too much phytophthora around here. There aren’t any studies that actually tested municipal composting samples to ensure that they don’t have viable spores left.


Mark I don’t think lettuce will make it, but get the spinach started and then once it goes dormant cover it with leaves or even erosion blanket material from lowes. I think spinach and cilantro are highly day length affected. If you try to plant them in the spring they just bolt.


My cilantro always bolts. Its like you have to reseed it every week over summer? I must have done something because i have a whole patch of cilantro growing in the grass near my garden bed…must have had a bunch of seed fall off one of the plants i pulled. I only noticed it after mowing that area and smelling it.

I was reading the compost in my town comes from leaf collection, grass clippings and garden waste. I think the only thing i’d be worried about is herbicides from the grass clippings. They say they “cook” it for about a year before its ready to distribute.