Conference vs Concorde Pears

I’m grafting over about a bunch of old Bartlett trees to a few different varieties. We currently grow a few thousand pounds of Comice for farm stand sales and they are one of mine and our customers favorite fruits we grow. We usually start selling the Comice around October 20-27 in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

I got some Concordes at Whole Foods this past winter and absolutely loved them. I’m not a fan the acidity in Bartletts so Comice and Concorde hit the spot well. However, Concorde season isn’t too far from Comice, which would strain our cold storage space a bit.

I have one tree of Concorde and Conference, but neither have fruited yet. I’ve never tried Conference, but the season of Conference would work better for us. Finally to the question, for anyone who has tried both, how do they stack up against each other?