Confused on seeds not growing


At the moment I am in the Dominican I am confused why some seeds don’t grow.i bought some strawberries and I tried shaving skin with seeds attached.n putting under soil.i left in sunlight for over a month and that didn’t work.i read seeds need to be frozen for a month then you can plant.that didn’t work either.i also tried watermelon seeds and that didn’t work.i tried bell peppers and ones that sprouted in shaded area(backyard in ground) came out but ones in cups in front patio shaded) did not come out.only seeds working are cantaloupes and yame.any idea what I am doing wrong?


Maybe your soil? Its nice to have a lightweight peat or coco based soil. Maybe your overwatering? You should leave seeds moist constantly but not dripping wet.
Also strawberry seeds are hard to get going. Many will need time in your fridge or freezer. You should look up each seed and how to stratify them. Also do not be discouraged, with fruit growing its a labor of love and things not working will help you learn.


There may be other ways to induce the breakdown of chemical inhibitors in those seeds. Most often seeds need drying out completely and many also need a cold period then followed by a somewhat warmer period. Might wanna search for wat those requirements are.


Strawberry seed benefit from a 5 minute soak in dilute bleach water. Put a tablespoon of bleach in a cup and add 3 tablespoons of water. Add the seed and let them soak 5 minutes. Remove the seed and wash them thoroughly with clean water.


Also, strawberry seeds need light to germinate. It’s best to surface sow them. I usually press them into the surface of the medium and cover with plastic sheeting or a propagation dome to prevent them from drying out; I briefly lift this every day in order to let in fresh air and discourage seed rot and damping off. Another thing: strawberry seeds dislike hot temperatures; they germinate best at temps around 65-75F.


Will strawberries even grow in the DR’s climate zone?