Conrad Gemmer re-discoveries

I’ve read some articles and seen mentions of the late Conrad Gemmer on the web as one of the pioneer rediscoverers of nearly lost apple varieties, but I’ve never seen more than a handful varieties listed: Celestia, Champlain, Doctor, Golden Pippin, Perry Russet, Washed Russet.
Anyone know of a complete list? Or are there only a handful?



I am Conrad’s granddaughter. I will look and see if I can find more information on apples he rediscovered. My mom still has books and albums he created on his apple discoveries. I will see what I find. I have fond memories of his apple orchards and his apple demonstrations at the Hartford Fair. My mother and I were talking about him just now and I decided to Google his name and came across this forum. I can’t believe people are still talking about him!


That’s very neat. I, for one, am really glad you found us and am eager to hear from you again.

But be forewarned: if you know anything about the subject we will pester you no end! Thanks for reaching out. I hope you enjoy it here.



Yes, indeed, thank you.

I unfortunately do not know much about apples. But, I am finding a lot of newspaper articles and such that my mom saved. So far, this is what I found. According to a 1985 newspaper article from Scranton, PA, he rediscovered the Cheeseborough, which was used to feed cattle and pigs in Early America before corn was widely used. He found a tree in High Point State Park. He also rediscovered the Early Strawberry apple in an old abandoned orchard on a water company property in the Hamburg Mountains.

Very interesting. I am having fun rediscovering “Pa” and learning about apples. I will keep you posted with new information.