Container Fruit Growing Article

I am posting a link to an article I wrote for my companies website just in case anyone would like to read it. I must warn you it is geared toward novices for sure and not toward the pro’s we have on this forum. I would love for people to read it though and click the like button if you are so inclined. Mostly I would like to hear your feedback on how I did. Thank you!


pretty good:+1:

I like your writeup. It matches my experiences, smaller tree and smaller fruit. If you want to add anything later you might include more information about potting media and the importance of good drainage. As is I like it a lot! Much better than many things I’ve seen written by professional journalists. Probably because you actually know what you’re talking about and they are writing about what someone else knows.

Very friendly, great information and well done! Exciting the young is so important and there is nothing better than your great pictures that help your text. Love it!

I like your writing, easy to understand. I thought only dwarf root stock suitable for pot culture but now I’ll try seedling and graft for stone fruits!

Thanks Drew.


Thank ya’ll so much for taking the time to read it. I appreciate the compliments more than you know. I consider it the highest praise comming from ya’ll. That is great feed back fruitnut about mentioning the growing medium. I will definitely do that. Again many thanks for the comments all!

That is a very encouraging and practical article. Is that your photo by the lead paragraph?

Thank you muddy! And yes green shirt, green hat that is me.

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Nice and easy read.

Really well done: straightforward, clear and communicative without being chatty, concise and highly readable, to the point, and completely unpretentious. More writers should do as well.

Thank you Mark! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you Auburn. Glad you read it.

I don’t grow any fruit in pots so I found it very informative. Maybe I am closer to that potted fig tree than I was before I read the article…