Cooking critique

Just want to try to cook Korean foods. I saw a video on Korean barbecue and try to do it myself. What do you think. Am I missing any other side dishes?



Tony what time is the party I’m on my way!

Now I understand why I sometimes feel like I’m living at the wrong time. Here I’ve been living in 2015 and your pic tells me it’s only 2006. I must be having a problem with my flux capacitor or something. Party on. I’ll be there when I get these time adjustments right.


If you ever happen to stop in Omaha for the College World Series, Olympic swim trial, visit Our number one zoo in the nation, or attending Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, please do drop me an email and we will party hard.


Those 2006 plates were from my son High School graduation that got misplaced and may as well use it and have a blast from the past. LOL.


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Mrs. G. can swing by and pick me up on her way to your house. I am not a good cook so I can comment on your display but it is impressive. I like Korean food esp. Kimchi. I can just eat it alone.

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