Cordon training of Ribes species

I found a few nice articles on cordon training Ribes species (currants, gooseberries). Europe certainly is good at maximizing space! I hope to put a few gooseberries next to my garage if I am successful in rooting cuttings. Cordon training will be a good way to keep the thorny branches under control and squeeze in several varieties. Here’s a good picture from online.

On a related note, Cornell has a really nice website with lots of links and articles on most fruits:

If you couldn’t tell I’m already getting cabin fever. Is it spring yet?


Actually winter doesn’t start for another couple days…
I like the idea of growing ribes on a vertical cordon, they have a trailing habit that is made all the more so with a load of fruit. Tidy looking too! Thanks for sharing the links.

Been below 32 since Wednesday and snowed last night. Winter enough for me!