Costco Stone fruits

Our local Costco is selling Passion Plum, Sugar Saucer Nectarine and Fair Time Peach in 15 gallon pots. I am only familiar with peach. Are you familiar with the Passion plum and Sugar Saucer Nectarine?

Here’s the description of the Passion Plum since the pic was out of focus:
“The Passion plum has a small teardrop shape and unusual color. Rosy purple skin and a surprising blush of green gives it visual character. But the flavor makes it a standout choice for your Home orchard. It has a great taste that’s perfect for desserts.”

It’s a Burchell nectarine: Sugar Saucer Nectarine Tree » Store » Tomorrow's Harvest by Burchell Nursery.
Most probably the same one as Burnectwentythree, USPP17890P3 - Nectarine tree ‘Burnectwentythree’ - Google Patents.

Also, a Burchell product: Passion Plum Tree » Store » Tomorrow's Harvest by Burchell Nursery