Cot-N-Candy Aprium


They were dropping every hour and ants were climbing up the tree. It barely took a slight pull to get them out.


Hmm … given the rain you’ve had it couldn’t be from under watering.


CNC does drop near ripe. Underwatering would give small fruit not something huge.


We’ve harvested ours over the past couple of weeks (well, they did on their own). We’ve had overcast skies and mild (for SoCal) temps over the past few weeks and the Cot-N-Candy’s were quite bland here as well.


If you watch Tom Spellmans videos you’d swear CNC was the best piece of fruit you could ever imagine. Lol. I’ve not heard many rave reviews of this variety with the exception of Spellman.


I found them to be ok I only had two crops of them, but wanted to add a row of dwarf apples so cotton candy, burgundy plum which was very bland here, and sweet treat which in 3 years never produced anything, got removed. Mabye better in a different climate. The only apriums I have to compare to cc are tasty rich and leahcot, both of Which are far superior.


He sang high praises for Bella Gold…while he admitted even they get poor set. I would have said the same thing if DWN cut my paycheck! :smile:




… I have 2 bella gold fruits… They look nice… Squirrels will probably steal them


Cot-N-Candy Aprium pruning, before and after. The first picture is looking NW, the second NE.


Love the tidy look of your place. Is that artificial turf?


It’s a 9-hole miniature golf course. :grinning:


Aprium blossoms :slight_smile:


Late this afternoon I removed some 1/2"+ lowering branches along with some deadwood. I’m very happy with it now. This winter when it’s dormant I’ll top it at 8’.


I thought you weren’t supposed to winter prune Apricots for fear of Eutypa. Not true for CnC?


Maybe that’s true in the eastern U.S. I’ve never had a problem here. On the otherhand, I winter spray with Kocide after pruning.


Nope that’s a big problem here in California since the bacteria does not go dormant in our milder winters. Almost all commercial growers only summer prune their Apricots. Kocide will help but why take a chance!


Hi Vinod, thank you so much for the info and the link! It could very well be why my apricot tree died.:persevere: In February I pruned and sprayed it. When it rewarded me with beautiful blooms I deligiently doused it with water, both upward and downward, thinking water droplets would make pollens stick. I did so three times in one week! The tree went on for a while, but it suddenly died shortly after leafing out.
After reading your post and after lamenting the apricot, I picked up the tool box and pruned away my Cot-N-Candy and Flavor Delight. They are the only trees with heart shape leaves.


Interesting. I’ve been winter pruning Katy Apricot for 30 years and never had a problem.