Could anyone identify this apple?

This tree was labeled as a sundance but turned out to be another variety.

Well, you know what it looks like, it’s color, size, shape, stem type, fact that is has bloom on the skin etc. Cut it cross sectionally and look at the seed arrangement and color and flesh color. Is it any good?

You can use that data @ to possibly get a match.

If you remember where you purchased it, you might call them and ask what they sell that is similar, but it may have been mixed up from their supplier.

Off hand I really dunno, could be any of 150 apples. Probably best to call the supplier…they might even give you some credit for the mix-up. It looks (fwtw), like it might be a good apple…is it?
Also, it’s kinda tough to get an idea of size (though it seems very small) with only creeping Charlie and clover as a reference.

Thanks for the reply Appleseed70 it is not mine it is in a relatives yard he ordered four sundance apple trees in 2003 from gurneys and for some reason this is the first year this tree has produced any fruit. So it is probably another variety they sell. The apple had a good flavor but was not completely ripe yet.

Funny you mention that it came from Gurney’s…when I fist saw the photo, one of the apples that came to mind was Pixie Crunch which is a popular variety from them.
It’s small with similar shape and color, somewhat prominent lenticels, and a small unremarkable calyx. Just a thought, maybe it’s Pixie Crunch?

I am hoping it is that was the first thing came into my mind. I have been planting several Pixie Crunch trees but haven’t got to try one. The problem with this tree though it has been there since 2003 and this is the first year it has produced fruit and it only produced about 10 apples.

not good…not good at all. What stock is it on? Suitable pollinators in the vicinity?

I believe it is on M111. There are three mature Sundance trees only a few feet away, a small honey crisp, granny smith and a couple of crap apples close by to but they were planted last year.