Cover your compost bin


Or you end up raising these buggers




Not just any grubs. These turn into Mexican fruit beetles. They have armor like shields and a shovel strike is not enough. The grubs themselves are tough. If I manage to squish them I end up covered in black goop! Yuck!


Those are really good fish bait!


Can you leave them out for the birds? Might attract more bug-eating birds to your yard.


Delicious and nutritious in stew!


You first.


All my compost creates is a thick concentration of red worms. I’ve always figured it would be a good back-up source of protein in an emergency.


Don’t squish - pull them apart in halves, works great with tough ones.


Also works as fish bait :yum:


death by drowning. A bit of dish soap and water and a bucket.

It’s Japanese beetle adults that I constantly drown.



My ducks and chickens usually get them if I dig them up. As far as compost goes, I don’t have bins, my compost is in large mountainous piles in the pasture. The chickens love to take dust baths in them, probably digging up worms and other goodies at the same time. Then I come out and scoop up the finely tilled compost, thanks to the birds, for myself.


Covering your compost bin may not prove effective if you discarded fruit in there that you bought from the grocery store. That is, the beginnings of these may be from the fruit you put in there and a cover won’t help.