Crazy Weather

Is the weather as crazy in other parts of the country as it is in my location in NC?

After a very warm fall and early winter, we just had two zero degree lows with a 65 degree high predicted for Friday. Two record breaking cold days followed by 65 degrees just a few days later is very strange.

The buds on the blueberries were swollen and the some of the apples looked like they were several months ahead of schedule before the record breaking low temps.

I’m not sure how the plants will react to zero followed by 65 degrees 4 days later, but I don’t expect the results to be good. We lost 100% of the peaches last year and about 1/2 the blueberries and apples so we were hoping for better production this year. Looking like this year might be another bust!

Big swings in temp here in Maine- from negative single digits last night to 44 predicted tomorrow, second January thaw so far with some serious cold in between!

-1.2 in my orchard yesterday. A high of 55 scheduled for Thursday.Then back down to a low of 15 on Friday.

So far we are doing good here this winter. Lots of snow on the ground for protection and no below zero temps yet. Lots of teens and single digits though. The big thing so far this winter is the wind storms we have had. A little warm up (above freezing ) for this after noon and then another wind storm with forecast winds up to 60 tonight.

Our winter is a mess. In the last 4 days we’ve had 72, 15, 11, 70, and 80F. Now 4 more days of 80F. No way this will end well.


Holy cats that is some extreme swings. So wait…one day you have the furnace blasting and the next the AC is going?

Whole country (about) turns mild to torch second half of January…Just don’t go to Alaska


Thanks for these maps, I really enjoy them, especially this one!

Furnace blasting for sure on those cold nights. But no need for AC when it hits 80 after a cold night.

I’m about sick of this country!!

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I agree this type of weather sucks! I am not a fan of roller coasters in any form. For those of you collecting scion wood I think earlier is better than later. I had a bust on some of my crabapple grafts last spring. I think I waited too long, if you can call February too long in 5b, to collect scion wood from them. They broke bud almost instantly when I grafted them onto my dormant root stock. They were dormant when I collected them obviously, but mother nature had toyed with them too much already and they were ready to grow.


That’s a good point, I may need to collect scion wood in late January. I laugh when the forecasters mention average temperatures. Sure the average may be 42 but the swings above and below are insane.


Got to 10° yesterday morn, but it’s well above 50 today, very mild, and most of the snow we got is gone. But, man is it windy, I would’ve liked to work on the old house’s roof today, but it’s like gale force winds out there. Supposed to be 60 in a couple days, and not get below freezing for at least a week, and showers off and on. No complaints from me!

It is good to get 3 days in a row above 40F in the Midwest. The snow will be gone, the collards under hoop houses will be picked, and I will do a few quick things outside, such as finely distributing the now frozen manure on my battered lawn. I can even park the car outside and get a half washing from the rain.

We will hit 60 tommorow but have been down as low as -13 f. Overall it’s been a mild winter thus far. I would think cold and nasty will be back and are right around the corner.

For a change, it’s rainy and not so warm here in California. But geez, those are extreme swings in temps you guys got!

After a few night with lows in the 20s I woke up to 60 degrees this morning. There is an old saying that if you don’t like the weather in Alabama just wait 24 hour.

the other thing is the bouts of high winds that usually accompany the wild swings. I shall spend a few minutes picking up dead branches tonight. yesterday commuting in was a 95 minutes ordeal due to 4 inches of snow, commuting out the snow was gone but the car was picked up by gusts and pushed across the freeway.

45 and beautiful here right now in Central Maine. Rain and 40s tomorrow then cold weekend.

Good luck to everyone in the path of the predicted ice storm. I think that ice is one of the worst things to deal with and I feel your pain.

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Yah, windy, wet and warm right now, warm tomorrow and Friday too, then a freeze up. It has been minus 17 or 18, then plus 5 or 6 for several days. My scions aren’t going to like it either. Still, they are tough. I got some fall of 2015 in Oct 24, cut the leaves off and wrapped in wet paper and got takes in the spring of 2016. This year I have some taken Nov 3rd, wrapped in wet paper and looking pretty good. I also have some picked up off the ground after a wind storm the same date, and although some have lost their glossy bark, some still look shiney like they might make it. With a hundred foot tree, give or take, wind throw is the only way I’ll get any scions. They are out of Province too, so I tend to go when the boat is still running, rather than drive all the way around. I have one graft off the old tree living, I hope, if the mice haven’t eaten it over the winter. I hope to graft the good scions that are still shiney and get grafts off the second chestnut. I’d love those two to make seednuts together. The one I hope I still have (mice) is 200 years old and has left no decendants…would be fun to change that, grin.
I have grandkids off the other one, but I has very tasty nuts, and I’d like more.
Had a regia walnut frost crack a couple of winters ago, went off like a rifle shot, really loud , had been warm all day and very cold when the sun went down, oh, minus 20 some, and cracked. The crown is healthy and the shoots that started from below the crack are smallish, no flower buds, so will make good scions.
Ah, weather :slight_smile:

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We had snow come down hard Monday night…then it warmed up overnight into the mid/upper 30Fs…turned to rain…then heavy downpour yesterday morning…and in a flash it changed to heavy snow…accumulated a few inches of the heaviest slush concrete snow and then the temp dropped hard into the low teens later and everything froze solid. So this morning the roads were horrible rumble strips. Even the interstate here was ice covered in many areas.

Good weather if you are an orthopedic surgeon.


Yep, feeling the pain down here in 9a too. We had a Friday and Saturday where the low reached 26F which may have killed my bananas, We will see. But the following Monday the temperature reached 80F and has stayed at around 68F to 80F since then. I really don’t know if I should put out all of the plants I have in the garage or if another freeze is coming and I should not…