Creating Citrus chimera

Hi, I’m new in this forum.
I think this is the right place to ask about this topic.

It seems that almost all attempts to breed cold hardy citrus with poncirus end with an unpleasant poncirus flavor.

I have the Citrus chimera Citsuma, a chimera with poncirus and satsuma. It is a lucky mix because it has the fruit features of satsuma.
I didn’t plant it outside yet because it is to small and first I have to propagate a backup plant.
But it should be cold hardy.

I know creating chimera you need luck, even there are some methods (grafting Buds together, take cells from the graft spot and cultivate them on agar…)

But I strongly believe that it happened more often but if a bud a branch appears on the grafting spot it get cut down as sucker

My question, could creating chimera poncirus with a real citrus be a good alternative instead of crossing with poncirus?

Short answer, no. A chimera has parts of the genome of both parent plants. As such, a limb can grow that would be pure poncirus and another limb that is pure domesticated citrus.

Over the long term, the best option is to cross the two and eventually segregation should separate out the cold tolerance from poncirus and incorporate it into a citrus background. I question whether or not this will work since some of the cold hardiness appears to be linked with the resin trait.

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This can’t work, The best way is CRISPR gene editing.

Logic dictates me the same. I tried to look into it, but there was something about the „intimate“ metabolism or so. And the first hand experience from some grower…
Anyway I don‘t want to say something wrong to proven to be right.

I will plant Citsuma out if is bigger 7a

My other thought was, breeding the resin taste out of poncirus first and then start crossing with real citrus, so you could also cross it back with poncirus.
And maybe it would be enough as a lemon substitute.
It seems the gene(s) are dominant for that taste
It is practically a lot of work, but it sounds easy with the classical random gene destroying method (or with CRISPER) Just damaging all genes which are accountable for the resin taste.

That is an interesting question if the resin taste has something to do with cold hardiness.
Maybe some Citrus Poncirus experts can say something about it. Then all effort would be useless