Crimson Gold vs. Wickson

To my surprise, our local Ralph’s supermarket had these bagged apples in the produce section. They were labeled as Crimson Gold, but I’d say they were Wickson. Anyone want to weigh in?

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By the way, it may be hard to tell the scale from the photo; the largest are smaller than a golf ball.

Not sure if they are wickson or not but you stumped me on size. I was assuming they were 2-2.5 inch apples. But after seeing that there are 14 apples in a 1 pound bag I’m sure they are golf ball size. How do they taste?

I can only weigh in on those apples and mention that they are good but not excellent. I like that they are organic, but the flavor and texture dont move the needle that far. I can’t speak to which variety they may or may not be.

No doubt they’re Wickson.

See the apples on the tree at

and the companion story down the middle of the page at descriptions of old heirloom fruit varieties

Found these in the store today. I picked up a few bags and am happy I did – though I see what MrClint was saying about the texture being a little soft. I was kind of surprised to see how small they are. A really nice, sweet, honeyed flavor.