Criteria: National Germplasm Repository - Geneva

To order from the repository, one has to state the purpose for needing the scionwood. I’ve always had great experiences with the Corvallis station. The UC Davis denied my request on grounds that my request reason did not meet their criteria. I’ve never requested from Geneva but would like to. Does anyone have any input on their criteria? Are they strict? If you’ve obtained material from them, what reasons did you state for the request?

I think Corvallis and Geneva are the most generous and friendly, UC Davis the least. Now there is a mechanism to make a donation to Corvallis or Geneva. Hopefully if enough of us donate sufficient to cover our costs or better, the generous sites will continue to be generous.


Yeah I typically try to triple their shipping costs with a donation. They’re such an important resource on almost zero budget. The people I’ve dealt with a Corvallis couldn’t be any nicer and patient with me. I’m glad to hear Geneva is the same.